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Welcome to the first online masterclass dedicated to complex negociation.

4 hours of training
50 videos between 2-10 minutes
10 exercices and case studies
495 euros

Marwan Mery, negotiator and president of ADN Group, shares his expertise in negotiation. In an unedited and pedagogical format, he returns to the fundamentals of complex negotiation.

The Essentials for better negociations.

a format accessible to all
Professional ?

Access to the ADN OnLine platform is complementary to the ADN masterclasses. It reinforces the acquisition of strategies and techniques in complex negotiation.

Individual ?

Because we all negotiate, the ADN OnLine program is ideal for discovering the world of negotiation and all the concepts that can be transposed into your daily life.

Student ?

A first approach to complex negotiation methods. Concise and pragmatic, this format allows you to adopt good reflexes in negotiation.

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Start your training with the ADN Insider questionnaire to discover your negotiator profile.


Finish your training with the NSTAA© test to establish your level in negotiation.

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