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Welcome to the first online masterclass dedicated to complex negotiation.

4 hours of training
50 videos between 2-10 minutes
10 exercises and practical cases
495 euros including tax
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Marwan Mery, negotiator and director of ADN Group shares his negotiation expertise. In a new and educational format, it covers the fundamentals of complex negotiation.

The essentials for better negotiation.

The ADN Online© course

Videos, exercises, practical cases, a rhythmic course for effective learning.
Module 1 • 25 minutes

Negotiation is a technical skill. Training and practicing allows you to develop your level and conduct complex negotiations in the best possible way. Welcome to the ADN OnLine© program

6 videos
1 exercice
Understand the context
Module 2 • 45 minutes

The first phase consists of understanding the context as it really is and not as the negotiator can or wishes to perceive it. The difficulty is to take a raw and dispassionate look.

6 videos
2 exercices
Identify the actors
Module 3 • 40 minutes

The actors involved in a negotiation play a major role, given their power of influence and their profile. Identifying the actors and understanding the stakeholders makes it possible to refine the negotiator's reading of the real motivations of the stakeholders and above all to begin the approach phase.

9 videos
2 exercices
Analyze the balance of power
Module 4 • 50 minutes

The negotiability of a situation depends above all on the balance of power. It is the most structuring element of a negotiation. It is necessary to assess the balance of power in order to then act on the opposition forces.

5 videos
2 exercices
Prepare the tactical approach
Module 5 • 30 minutes

Tactics are none other than the operational version of strategy. It results in the attribution of a mandate to the negotiation and to the planning of the negotiation.

4 videos
1 exercice
Lead the negotiation
Module 6 • 50 minutes

Conducting a negotiation determines its success and requires demanding work on oneself and technically enduring work on others.

8 videos
2 exercices
Module 7 • 50 minutes

The negotiation is over. Whatever the outcome, it’s time to learn from it. The aftermath is a short, unique and prodigiously rich time for learning.

3 videos
1 exercice

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