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In negotiation, everything starts with yourself. Discover your negotiator profile and assess your level in negotiation with ADN tools.

1st global test of complex negotiation

The Negotiation Skills Test And Assessment is an online test to assess a person's level of negotiation knowledge and skills. Designed by ADN Group professional negotiators from different backgrounds (commerce, social, finance, hostage taking, diplomacy, etc.), the NSTAA© meets universal negotiation standards.

Nowadays, the NSTAA© is used by the largest multinationals and more than 10,000 participants have already taken the test.

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Your negotiator profile Free and fast

The ADN Insider Trader Profile Test was designed by the professional traders at ADN Group. It is structured around 50 questions bringing together the major themes from the experience of hundreds of negotiations. In 8 minutes, each user evaluates their profile for free by targeting their affinities and areas for improvement around the ten key negotiator skills.

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