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An inspiring moment

“A true expert of negotiation, Marwan passes on to each participant regardless of their level an enthusiasm and a desire to put his teachings into practice."

José Vaiga, HR Director

“Impeccable educational approach, impactful speech, and extraordinary eloquence which contribute to an enriching conference for the teams. Thank you Marwan for this inspiring moment."

Amar Benaissa, University of Management Director

“Marwan and his team are true negotiation experts. They improved the skills of our teams extremely quickly and efficiently."

Maxime Mezou, Senior Director

Learn what can't be taught.

Through the story-telling, experience, and expertise of the speakers, the participants are immersed into a fascinating world. The anecdotes and lessons learned allows participants to become more efficient in their professional and personal lives.

The conferences, deliberately paced and interactive, are available in French or English.

“There was a before and after this conference. It was exceptional!"

Julien Morel, Commercial Director

“An enriching moment of exchange, the teams got out re-energized. Marwan truly is a fascinating speaker!"

Charlotte Roger, HR Director