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An extraordinary experience

Welcome in the world of negotiators.

Cut away from your daily life and completely immersed in the world of negotiators, you will live a real Negotiation experience: intense days combining all the phases of a negotiation: preparation, construction of the strategy, rounds of negotiation under high pressure, debriefing, as well as mental preparation and stress management sessions.

« True negotiation experts »
Maxime Mezou, Senior Director
« Fascinating and motivating »
Franck Bouetard, CEO France

Team cohesion. negotiation. TRANSCENDENCE.

Ultimate Negotiation© is an immersive seminar dedicated to complex negotiation and its related topics. In a unique location in France, participants navigate from one workshop to another, accompanied and debriefed by their instructors. Faced with degraded situations, they must negotiate with expertise, influence their interlocutors, manage dilemmas, regulate their stress, and understand others beyond words. The theoretical and practical contributions have been designed in such a way that they are perfectly transposable to any type of industry and regardless of the level of participants.

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