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Lie Detection

The Lie Detection Masterclass enables each participant to acquire new skills. The instructor will subtly alternate between a theoretic approach and roleplaying based on real-life cases which will allow the participant to rapidly absorb the techniques. Each module of the Lie Detection Masterclass program will be covered in the following manner: empirical research, pragmatic examples and explanations, and practical role-playing (exercises, case studies…).


The masterclass is for any person who must manage interpersonal relationships in their job regardless of their profession or level.




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In-person or remote
2 days / 14 hours
2 600€ / person
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The masterclass is hosted by Marwan Mery at our Paris headquarters.

Marwan Mery is a professional negotiator. He works, daily, with businesses, government organisations and NGOs to help resolve their complex situations, including critical cases (kidnapping and ransom, extortion, suicidal persons...), commercial high-stakes negotiations, major social conflicts, diplomatic relations, and even therapeutic consultations where patients refuse to take their medication. Consultant at the United Nations and guest speaker at Harvard University on the subject of complex negotiations, he is the author of several successful books. He also manages ADN Group, an agency of professional negotiator made up of thirty experts located in France and abroad. Marwan is a former officer® specializing in influence and crisis negotiation within the COS, the French special operations command.

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  • Use scientific and operational tools
  • Distinguish real emotions from faked emotions
  • Establish reliable tools to detect trickery
  • Develop the capacity for active observation
  • Extract hidden information
  • Transform intuition into certainty


Certified Qualiopi

ADN Group is a training organization that has obtained Qualiopi certification under the Training Action category.