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Leadership and Management

The Leadership and Management Masterclass enables each participant to acquire new skills. The instructor will subtly alternate between a theoretical approach and roleplaying based on real-life cases which will allow the participant to rapidly absorb the techniques. Each module of the Leadership and Management Masterclass will be covered in the following manner: empirical research, pragmatic examples and explanations, and practical role-playing (exercises, case studies…).


Managers and directors




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In-person or remote
2 days / 14 hours
1 800€ / person
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The training is led by Kato Charlot and Silvia Bravard at our Paris headquarters.

Silvia Bravard is vice-president of ADN Group. As a professional negotiator, she intervenes in all types of major conflicts requiring unique expertise. Having graduated from an engineering school and a Master's degree from HEC, she held negotiation and management positions throughout her career within prestigious companies (Danone, Marie and Kronenbourg) before becoming the commercial director of Nespresso.

A graduate of the National School of Police Officers, Stéphane Charlot held various positions within the GIPN before becoming deputy head of the RAID intervention group, then captain in the anti-terrorist section. In 2018, he became a member of ADN Group and works with companies on the themes of leadership, mental preparation and stress management as well as crisis management.

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  • Acquire management techniques
  • Develop key leadership skills
  • Be an expert in communication
  • Overcome contentious situations
  • Inspire and create team commitment


Certified Qualiopi

ADN Group is a training organization that has obtained Qualiopi certification under the Training Action category.