ADN Immersion© -Un expérience intense et puissance

Ultimate Negotiation

Elevate your Negotiation Experience

Based on negotiation under high-pressure, the teams must juggle several missions. Gathering information, conducting interviews, building a negotiation strategy, and carrying out negotiations, etc. Subject to a frantic rhythm participants will have an intense and powerful experience.

Welcome to the world of negotiation.  This total immersion in a location specifically dedicated to the negotiation experience, will give you an intense experience combining all the phases of negotiation: preparation, construction of strategy, rounds of negotiation under high pressure, debriefing as well as sessions of mental preparation and stress management. Supervised and debriefed by our experts, you will be totally immersed in this extreme profession with concrete learnings that can be transposed into your daily professional life.

Ultimate Negotiation is available in French or in English.

Subjects: Complex negotiation

Format: from half a day up to 3 days

The course can be custom-made.

Our unusual approach: Ultimate Negotiation is a very specific seminar supervised by our operational and professional experts. They spend 50% of their time on the field and know how to assist you with your learning. Ultimate Negotiation is based on the world of complex negotiation. We take the participants out of their comfort zone (themes, case study, roleplaying…) so that they can discover a whole other world.


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