ADN Group has been committed since the very beginning alongside those who need it.
Each year, the negotiators voluntarily support the frontline negotiators, support the actions of the ADN Kids association, which trains children in negotiation to fight against bullying at school and works with women via the ADN Women initiative.

"Marwan transmits a philosophy of life that profoundly changes the world of business and society."

Karin Raguin
VP Talent & Special Projects – LVMH

ADN Kids, 1st negotiation training program for children

Created in 2016, recognized as being of public interest and labeled by the Ministry of Health and Solidarity in 2021, the association law 1901 ADN Kids trains more than 1,500 children free of charge each year in schools, sports clubs and sports centers. Hobbies.
The ADN Kids workshops, fun and suitable for children (primary, middle and high school), give them the keys to managing their emotions, coping in situations of disagreement or conflict and working on their self-esteem. Essential fundamentals to fight against school violence and bullying and to live a happy child’s life.


ADN Women, empowerment through negotiation

The ADN Women association, founded in 2015, highlights the paths of women and extraordinary personalities to promote the talent and expertise of women in all professions and all sectors.

ADN Women carries out a global action articulated around a podcast dedicated to women and negotiation, Les Négociatrices, available on all listening platforms, free webinars open to all, voluntary ebn negotiation training actions with militant associations for women’s rights and works.


HCNIA, being useful to as many people as possible

Founded by Marwan Mery in 2018, the Hostage and Crisis Negotiation International Academy aims to train and educate people around the world who have to negotiate in critical situations. Composed of elite negotiators, the HCNIA delivers very high-level training and conferences on the management of hostage situations (hostage taking, kidnapping, extortion, ransomware) and non-hostage situations (entrenched, suicidal, frenzied , complex profiles, etc.).

Half of the profits of the HCNIA are donated to ADN Kids!, an association aimed at raising children’s awareness of conflict resolution, and to the CCHN, Center of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation.


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