Durée : two

prix : 1500

qui et ou : Animated by Marwan Mery


  • Creating a favorable context with the patient
  • Nurture a relation of confidence with the patient
  • Create patient compliance
  • Develop true listening skills and targeted questioning
  • Improve long term therapeutic compliance

À propos de l'instructeur

Marwan Mery est négociateur professionnel. Fondateur et dirigeant d’ADN Group, il intervient dans le monde entier auprès d’organisations gouvernementales, ONG et entreprises pour résoudre des situations complexes impliquant des enjeux vitaux, nationaux et internationaux. Négociateur actif, il conduit près de 50 négociations par an, qu’elles soient critiques, diplomatiques, sociales ou liées au monde des affaires.


The patient-physician training course joins the fight against the problem of therapeutic non-compliance.

By transposing negotiation techniques used by professional negotiators into the medical world, patient compliance to medical prescription significantly increases. The ADN experts tackle the issues of creating confidence with a resistant profile, the shared common objective, understanding the patient’s motivations, strategic questioning and subtly inducing change.

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Patient-physician relations


During the masterclass:

  • Pedagogical content: presentation, videos, audio recordings, exercise materials, etc.
  • Individual training activity(ies)
  • Delivery of the Patient-physician relations deliverable and the notebook
  • Delivery of the Patient-physician relations

After the masterclass:

  • Reading recommendation



A complete debriefing of practical cases and situations during the training


This training allows, at the end of an evaluation procedure, to obtain the certificate of training in Patient-physician relations delivered by ADN Group.

Anyone evolving professionally in the medical environment, whatever their level.


Do not hesitate to contact us via the form provided for this purpose for any request concerning access for people with reduced mobility.