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What we believe in

and responsibilities

Beyond the daily commitments, ADN Group endeavors to use the operational skills, talents, and expertise of their members to a greater and higher ambition that can be useful to everyone. Every day we commit to those that need us most whether it be women, youth, or NGOs.

ADN Group & the United Nations

meetings & an event

The ADN Group/UNITAR partnership began in 2018 in London. Since it has evolved and now involves several actions: World Negotiation Day, The Negotiation Bulletin and specific negotiation training sessions for United Nations diplomats… The development of knowing how to negotiate and sharing negotiation skills and experiences will help everyone develop a lasting an excellent practice.



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Your rendezvous

Negotiation Bulletin

Every 2 months, the experts from the United Nations and ADN Group tackle a subject dealing with the current situations in the world seen through the lens of negotiation. With the meeting of minds of professionals and world specialists, the Negotiation Bulletins will cover a variety of subjects.

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    journée mondiale de la négociation engagement responsabilité jeunesse femme

    A unique event

    World Negotiation Day

    Since 2019, this unique event unites the greatest negotiators and experts in negotiation from all over the unique to share and exchange on the place negotiation holds in world relations, the stakes of tomorrow and the challenges of the 21st century.

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    training children in negotiation to fight against bullying

    Our children evolve in an unstable world where everything goes faster. Very early on, they are confronted with more “complex”, tense and sometimes even violent relationships, whether verbal, psychological or physical violence. Over the past few years and through our various interventions, we have acquired the certainty that it is by awakening children from an early age to negotiation that we will enable them to know how to deal with degraded situations and violence.

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    Negotiation, empowerment leverage for women

    Since 2015, ADN Group has been assisting women with their unique mentoring programme for women in negotiation. A network of experts from many different fields share and transmit their knowledge in negotiation to help women take control of their personal and professional life.

    La négociation humanitaire

    Humanitarian negotiation

    Being useful to those who need it

    Since 2018, ADN Group negotiators have been supporting humanitarian professionals by training them in negotiation and helping them develop their capacity to better prepare themselves to manage complexity in the field: negotiation of humanitarian corridors, access to medicines for vulnerable populations…