Durée : two

prix : 2600

qui et ou : Hosted by Marwan Mery


  • Understand your point of contact beyond words
  • Get to grips with advanced strategies
  • Conduct any kind of negotiation
  • Manage complex profiles
  • Overcome stress and deteriorating emotions

À propos de l'instructeur

Marwan Mery is a professional negotiator and ADN Group’s founder and CEO. He helps government organizations, NGOs, and companies all around the world to solve complexes situations. These cases involve vital, national, and international issues. He is an active negotiator. He leads approximately 50 negotiations per year, whether they are commercial, critical, diplomatic or social.


The Advanced Masterclass is the second step of the full programme. It can only be applied for if the participant has completed the Essentials training course. Some of the things we will cover in this Masterclass are managing cognitive overload, the advanced motivations of the opposing party, managing complex profiles, advanced strategies, negotiating as a team, releasing stress are some of the things we will cover in this Masterclass. The Masterclass alternates subtly between theoretical approaches, and operational exercises.

> 21 and 22 november 2022

Complex Negotiation


. Before the masterclass:

  • Recommended reading
  • The online ADN Insider© test to get to know your negotiator profile

. During the masterclass:

  • Teaching content: Introduction, videos, audio recordings, practice material…
  • Individual training activities
  • The reception of the Advanced PACIFICAT© handbook (38 pages) and a notebook
  • The reception of the Advanced PACIFICAT© certificate

. After the masterclass:

  • Take the NSTAA© test to determine your level in negotiation
  • Recommended reading

  • An online questionnaire including situational exercises: NSTAA©, duration: 1 hour
  • A complete debriefing of practical cases and situations during the training course


This training allows, at the end of an evaluation procedure, to obtain the certificate of training in Complex Negotiation PACIFICAT© – ADVANCED delivered by ADN Group.

The Masterclass is has been created for any person who must negotiate at in their work or in their specialized field, regardless of their level.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for any request concerning access for people with reduced mobility.