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Dive into the negotiator’s world

The negotiators podcast

Episode #01 When reality surpasses fiction

We often say that improvisation needs to be prepared and no professional negotiator would every say otherwise. He manages dozens of high-stake negotiations every year – kidnapping, ransomware, social conflict, diplomacy- all around the world. Marwan Mery will tell us today about some of his daily experience as a negotiator and take us into the heart of a deal where nothing went according to plan.

Episode #02 When fear is part of the negotiation

A negotiator’s profession sometimes takes him down an unusual path; encounters, unpredictable events where things sometimes get close to being beyond repair. Marwan Mery will share his secrets with us about what happens behind a negotiation, where the power of words and the negotiation’s power allowed life to continue its normal course.


Episode #03 A negotiation we are proud of

In a negotiator’s career, we live through high pressured moments, that are unforgettable in their intensity and the stakes that leave a mark on each negotiation. Then there is the negotiation where everything changes. Marwan Mery will tell us about this very unusual negotiation.

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