les Team Building ADN Group - Une expérience stimulante

a collective time

ADN Group’s Team Building

Team Building is a special moment in the life of a team. For a moment you will step away from your habits and be fully committed to playing the game and living a unique experience: have fun, learn, surpass yourself and discover.

ADN Group’s Team Buildings are based on our unusual approach. Participants will have unprecedented experiences. Whatever the reason for this internal event, our teams will create custom-made formats and scenarios, so that the experience remains useful and unforgettable.

Team Buildings is available in English and French.

Subjects: Exceptional Negotiation, Collective Agility, Resilience & Confidence, Inspiring Leadership, Stress and Emotional Control, Surpassing Yourself: everything depends on you!

Format: the length of a Team building can vary from half a day up to 2 days. They can be custom-made.

Unusual Approach: All our Team Buildings are based on an approach related to the world of complex negotiation. In each Team Building we will encourage the participants to get out of their comfort zone (themes, case studies, roleplaying, etc). They will discover an environment in which they can find out who they are and surpass themselves.


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