Les conférences

An inspiring experience

ADN Group conferences

Your company’s meetings are an important moment for you and your team.

Participants will dive into a fascinating world with our unusual approach, storytelling, and the experience and expertise of our experts. Each participant will have a unique experience and will learn what cannot be taught.

Every tool can be easily assimilated. It will help the participants perform better in both their professional and personal life.

These lively and interactive conferences are available in both English and French.

Subjects: Exceptional Negotiation, Collective Agility, Resilience & Confidence, Deciphering the Invisible, Inspiring Leadership, Complex Profiles, Stress and Emotional Control, Surpassing Yourself: everything depends on you, Patient-Physician Relation, Words that Make a Difference.

Format: The length of a conference can vary anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half minutes including a Q & A session.

Unusual approach: Our approach is different. During our conferences the participants will dive deep into our universe. The world of negotiation is very different from most fields and professions, and participants will be taken out of their comfort zone to avoid reflex type reactions and to help assimilate the teachings.


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