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ADN Group cannot guarantee that the Website will be exempt from anomalies, errors, or bugs or that the Website will function without breakdowns or interruptions. ADN Group is freely and with all rights allowed to determine the period of the Website’s unavailability and content. ADN Group cannot be held responsible for any problems relating to transmission of data, connection, or network unavailability.

ADN Group reserves the right to modify the Website for technical or commercial reasons. The Client may be informed of any modification that substantially or negatively alters the provision of services, but his/her acceptance is not needed.


V. Registration on the Website

To place an order, the Client, first needs to register on the Website by creating an account that gathers all the Client’s information (the “Account”).

The Client’s registration on the Website is then validated by ADN Group after verification of the registration form filled out by the Client. The Client will then receive a registration confirmation by email.

Once the Account has been created, the Client must ensure that the data supplied is accurate and complete. The Client is held responsible for updating any modifications to their personal information. If there is any error with the client’s delivery address, ADN Group will not be held responsible for failure to deliver the Goods.

The Client needs to declare and guarantee ADN Group that they are of legal age and of legal capacity before registration on the Website.

ADN Group can erase the Client’s Account, for any reason, at their sole discretion, and cannot be held responsible to this end.



The Products on sale are detailed on the Website on the day the Website was viewed by the Client within the limits of available stocks. These details will be updated automatically in real time. ADN Group cannot be held responsible for any error in the automatic update, regardless of the origin. To this end, ADN Group cannot be held responsible for the cancelation of an Order of a Product due to lack of stock.

ADN Group takes great care in the presentation and detailing of their Products to provide the Client with the best information possible. The Client must acknowledge and accept that it is possible that errors can appear on the Website.

ADN Group cannot guarantee the accuracy or security of information provided or obtained through the Website. Any photographs, graphics, or descriptions of the products for sale are only indicative and ADN Group cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy. Photographs depicting the Products can appear somewhat different according to the Client’s screen settings or lighting during the photoshoot.



Placing an Order on the Website consists of following a procedure created by ADN Group on the Website including successive stages that end with the Order being validated.

The Client can select as many Products as he/she wishes, in the limit of normal consumer needs and in the limit of five (5) identical Products (same model, same colour, same size). These Products are added to the shopping cart (the “Cart”) that will sum up the Client’s chosen Products as well as the cost and additional fees. The Client can modify the contents of the Cart before confirming his/her Order. The confirmation of the Order is made by clicking on the “I accept the general conditions of sale” which means the Client has confirmed and accepted the GCS (General Conditions Sale), the Products purchased, their price and any associated additional fees.

An email confirming the details of the Order (Products, price, availability of the Products, quantities…) will be sent to the client from ADN Group. To this effect the Client formally accepts the use of electronic mail for the confirmation by ADN Group of the content of the order. The receipts are available under the Website’s “My Account” section.



The price of the products on the Website are in European Euros, VAT inclusive.

All the prices are calculated and include value added tax (VAT) applicable in France or in the country of delivery within the European Union.

ADN Group reserves the right to modify the prices at any time. The Products will be billed according to the current rate at the moment the Order is placed and subject to availability.

The Products must be paid for once the Order is placed.

Payments can be made using via Apple Pay©, or on our secure platform with our service provider STRIPE.


Stripe is an American company based in Ireland, used by professionals for online payments. The headquarters are located at 3180 18TH STREET CA 94110 SAN FRANCISCO, USA

For more information, the Client can visit the following website


ADN Group does not have access to the Client’s payment details. These are directly transmitted to STRIPE or Apple Pay©.

For each transaction, STRIPE and the payment issuing bank will proceed to analyse the transaction to limit the risk of fraudulent behaviour. After this analysis some orders may be blocked. ADN Group cannot be held responsible for any refusal of an Order blocked on suspicion of fraud.

The Client specifically acknowledges that providing his bank card information during placement of the Order is the same as providing authorisation to debit his/her account to the limit of the full price of the Products ordered. A cancelation notification of the Order for lack of payment will be sent to the Client by ADN Group, if required, to the email address supplied by the Client during his/her registration on the Website.

ADN Group’s stored and registered data, not including payment data, include proof of Purchase and history of previous purchases. The data registered with Apple Pay© or STRIPE include proof on any financial transaction between the Client and ADN Group.



Delivery means supplying the Client with physical possession of the Products (the Delivery).

The Client can choose Delivery at a pickup point (at the Shop, or at a Pickup Point, on the condition that the selected Pick-up Point accepts the package), or have the products delivered to the address indicated as the Client’s residence, or to a physical person of his/her choice, or to a moral person (delivery to a company).

Delivery cannot be made to hotels or P.O. box.

The applicable delivery fees for the Order will be cited on the Website when the Order is passed under the section “Delivery and returns”.

Once ADN Group has fulfilled the Product’s transport requirements, the risk of losing the Product or of the Product’s deterioration become the Client’s responsibility on Delivery. If the Client takes charge of the Product’s transportation, they then become responsible for any risks encountered once the Product has been given to the transporter.

Transportation will be insured by Chronopost.

ADN Group will deliver the Order in maximum twelve (12) days for a Delivery in Mainland France and twenty (20) days for an International Delivery. This time limit will begin on the first working day after the Order has been validated.

To maintain these delivery time limits the Client must ensure that he/she has provided the exact and complete information concerning their Delivery address (mainly, street number, building, staircase, access codes, names, and intercom numbers, etc…).

If the Delivery time limit is exceeded, and the Product is not going to be Delivered, the Client can demand the Sale’s cancelation and receive, in maximum fourteen (14) days, after his/her request full reimbursement for the amount spent when placing the Order. Notwithstanding the above, ADN Group cannot be held responsible for any other damages relating to an eventual delay in Delivery and can only provide reimbursement for the Product with the exclusion of any other compensation.

If Delivery is impossible, due to an incorrect delivery address, or if the Client fails to collect their Order at the selected Pickup point, no reshipment will be made, and the Client will be reimbursed in maximum five (5) days once the Order has been returned and received by ADN Group.


X. Retraction rights – Returns and REIMBURSEMENT

X.1. Terms and conditions for Retraction rights

According to the article L.221-18 of the Consumer Code, the Client has up to fourteen (14) days after receiving the Order to exercise his/her retraction rights to ADN Group without having to justify his/her decision. Once this fourteen (14) day time limit has been exceeded the sale is concluded and definitive.

The Retraction rights can be exercised by first connecting to the Client’s account in the “Order” section, then either filling in and sending, by mail, the retraction form found in Annexe 1 of General Sale Conditions, to the following address: ADN Group – Returns – 9, rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris, France, or by email

The Client cannot exercise his/her retraction rights for a Product created according to his/her specifications, a Product that has been used, worn, washed, damaged, or opened.

X.2. Terms and conditions for returns in case of retraction

Retraction rights can be exercised without prejudice.

The Client can resend the Order with the prepaid return voucher supplied by ADN Group, without excessive delay and no later than fourteen (14) days after notifying ADN Group of his/her decision to retract according to article L. 221-21 of the Consumer Code.

The Product must be returned to ADN Group in its original packaging, state, new, unused, and unwashed. To make a return, the Client must follow the procedure indication on the return voucher received with the Order.

ADN Group will pay for returns for Products Delivered in the following countries:


If the place of Delivery is not in the above list or if the Client choses another method of return other than that listed by ADN Group, Product return is at the Client’s risk and expense.

X.3. Reimbursement of returned Products in case of retraction

The reimbursement of the Order by ADN Group will take place in maximum fourteen (14) days counting the first day ADN Group is informed of the Client’s decision to retract, provided they have received the returned Product within this time.

ADN Group will reimburse the Client using the same payment methods used to pay for the Order. If the payment method is expired, the Client must contact our customer services to modify the method of reimbursement. ADN Group is not responsible for any delays in reimbursing.

XI. Partial Invalidity

If one or several of the present GSC stipulations are declared non-valid in application of a law, regulation or after the decision of a competent jurisdiction, all the other stipulations will retain their full force and significance.

XII. Non-waiver

No tolerance, inaction, or inertia on behalf of ADN Group can be interpreted as a wavering of rights according to the terms of the GSC.

XIII. Applicable law – Competent jurisdiction – MEDIATION 

The sale of Products is subject to French law.

The choice of French law cannot deprive the consumer Client, residing outside France, of the application of mandatory and protective provisions upheld by the law in the country the Client resides in, on condition that ADN Group exercises or directs their professional work in this country.

In case of a litigation resulting from an Order or a sale, the Client can send a written complaint to our Customer Service

In the case of a complaint that our Customer Service was unable to resolve, and for the duration of one (1) year, the Client can call on a mediation service. A Mediation Service can be called upon to intervene for any consumer litigation that was unresolved.

The Client can also contact the European Commission’s online platform for resolving litigations at the following address: This is especially useful for cross-border litigations.

The Client can also take the litigation to court. Any litigation needs to be exclusively submitted to the competent courts that come under the jurisdiction of the Parisian Court of Appeals, or, if the Client is a consumer, to any legally competent court.