Unique au monde - Expertise & Expérience en négociation complexe


Complex Negotiation's
Expertise & Experience

ADN Group is the only agency of its kind in the world. Founded by Marwan Mery in 2013 it is made up of a team of professional negotiators, experts in crisis management, stress management and public speaking. Our negotiators also work on management, leadership, and performance (physical and mental preparation, emotional intelligence, conducting an interview and lie detection).

Every day they assist businesses, NGOs, and government organizations through their negotiations and in resolving their critical situations: commercial negotiations, social negotiations, crisis management, social conflict, ransomware, and even diplomatic relations.

Our teams work with any professional field – consulting, health, luxury, banking, finance, power industry, media, technology, transportation, food processing industry, logistics, construction industry, public services, engineering, ministries, communication, etc and with any kind of job (salesperson, management, HR, etc.).


What makes us unique? The expertise and knowledge of our experts. They have all been active on the field for several years and have operational expertise in any domain. They use operational performance and teaching methods while working daily. This strong operational base and level of excellence is ADN Group’s signature.