Durée : two

prix : 2500

qui et ou : Hosted by Marwan Mery


  • Use scientific and operational tools
  • Distinguish real emotions from faked emotions
  • Establish reliable tools to detect trickery
  • Develop the capacity for active observation
  • Extract hidden information
  • Transform intuition into certainty

À propos de l'instructeur

Marwan Mery est négociateur professionnel. Fondateur et dirigeant d’ADN Group, il intervient dans le monde entier auprès d’organisations gouvernementales, ONG et entreprises pour résoudre des situations complexes impliquant des enjeux vitaux, nationaux et internationaux. Négociateur actif, il conduit près de 50 négociations par an, qu’elles soient critiques, diplomatiques, sociales ou liées au monde des affaires.


The Lie Detection Masterclass favours the individual assimilation of skills. The instructor will subtly alternate between a theoretic approach and roleplaying based on real-life cases which will allow the participant to rapidly absorb the techniques. Each module of the Lie Detection Masterclass program will be covered in the following manner: empirical research, pragmatic examples and explanations, and practical role-playing (exercises, case studies…).

> 6 and 7 july 2022 > 17 and 18 october 2022

Lie detection


The content of the Lie Detection Masterclass is based on scientific research and strong operational experience. During the masterclass Marwan Mery will use over 20 years of operational experience in lie detection and share unreleased videos of his daily work with the participants (negotiation, interrogation, interviews, hidden cameras…).
The different phases of the masterclass:

. During the masterclass:

  • Teaching content: introduction, videos, audio recordings, exercise material…
  • Individual training activities

. After the masterclass:

  • Take the TOTAC© test to evaluate your level
  • Recommended reading


Certify the evaluation of skills using:

  • An online questionnaire including hands-on experience: TOTAC©, length 1 hour.
  • A complete debriefing of practical cases and situations during the training course.


The Lie Detection Masterclass is a state certified training course.

the Masterclasses are for any person who must manage interpersonal relationships in their job regardless of their profession or level.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for any request concerning access for people with reduced mobility.