Durée : two

prix : 1500

qui et ou : Hosted by Kato Charlot


  • Professionally structure a crisis room
  • Form an agile and efficient team
  • Know how to make decisions under pressure and in uncertainty
  • Manage your stress and deteriorating emotions
  • Communicate efficiently in difficult situations

À propos de l'instructeur

As a former officer of the RAID and the anti-terrorist section, Kato has dealt with dozens of crisis situations over many years, both in France and overseas. At ADN Group Kato is an expert in mental preparation, stress management, leadership, and crisis management.


The Crisis Management training course allows participants to prepare for, psychologically deal with
and handle the crisis like a professional. How to form a crisis room and build a team? How to organise the decisional process? How to make the right decisions?
Over two days the participants will learn the essentials as well as the correct practices to be able to deal with any kind of crisis.

> 6 and 7 october 2022





1 – Introduction to crisis 


  • Definition of a crisis in the 21st Century
  • Crisis affects us all: the different kinds of crisis and their cycle
  • Separate crisis from a serious event: differentiation factors
  • Conceive the inconceivable: inventory of major risks and crisis theories that can make an impact
  • The objectives of crisis management



2 – Be prepared to contend


  • The essentials: anticipate, understand, and analyse in difficult situations
  • The dynamics of a crisis
  • The major risks: identification and charting
  • The crisis room: form team and establish each member’s role
  • Crisis room operating procedures: each person has a responsibility
  • Manage an urgent situation: distribution of roles, operational procedures, crisis logistics, list of contacts
  • Emotions: the correct practices (impact, risks, countermeasures)
  • Know yourself and know your limits
  • Practice: sequenced role-playing crisis management exercise





1 – Managing at the thick of a crisis

  • The human in the thick of a crisis: emotions
  • Warning signals: know how to detect and deal with them
  • Emotional repercussions
  • The team: cohesion and emotional intelligence et the thick of a crisis
  • Decision making under pressure: making decisions with method
  • Coordinating the actors of the crisis management
  • Basic notions in crisis communication: with your team, the company, the media
  • Preparation for getting out of the crisis and getting back to normal


2 – What happens after?

  • Ending the crisis: acknowledge the end of the crisis
  • Communication: explain, reassure, thank
  • Recovery: positive and coherent base
  • The experience of the crisis: write down the assessment and increase the ordeal
  • Feedback from experience: adapt for the next crisis
  • The team: identify the leaders and reposition profiles who didn’t cope

  • A complete debriefing of practical cases and situations during the training course


This training allows, at the end of an evaluation procedure, to obtain the certificate of training in CRISIS MANAGEMENT delivered by ADN Group.

Anyone who has to manage destabilizing, critical or crisis situations in their professional activity, whatever their level.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for any request concerning access for people with reduced mobility.