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Mental Preparation Support

Mental preparation is vital in a complex negotiation, crisis management or a particular event. It is often necessary and complementary to operational measures used to prepare teams to deal with adversity without being overwhelmed by it.

Mental preparation can take different forms. For information purposes, the following 9 themes are subject to very specific coaching.

Stress Management: Protect yourself from overwhelming stress, improve your basic performance

Position: Adapt to the environment, adopt an efficient position

Emotional Control: Regulate your deteriorating emotions, keep your cool

Mental Preparation: Bring together all the conditions needed to succeed, use your resources

Recovery: Optimise your sleep, diet, and rest phases

Energy Management: Get involved but protect yourself, manage your effort over the long term

Assertiveness: Defend your opinions and values, assert yourself in worsening situations

Speaking: dealing with an outspoken audience, remain calm when faced with adversity

Self Confidence: stay on track, improve your perception of your means

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