Accompagnement en Négociation Complexe

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Support in
Complex Negotiation

For almost 10 years, many businesses and clients have relied on us to assist them with their negotiations. ADN Group’s negotiators work with any kind of negotiation:

  • Commercial negotiations: buy-sell, tenders, etc.
  • Social negotiations: conflicts, strikes, etc.
  • Crisis negotiations: extorsion, kidnap & ransom, ransomware,
  • Diplomatic negotiations: community conflicts, state tensions…
  • Medical negotiations: medical compliance, patient-physician relations.

Our professional teams can assist you in different ways. There are 3 support options in complex negotiation:

  • Preparation: our teams work discretely to prepare you for your negotiation. Strategy building, analyzing the situation, develop the mandate, team building, etc. You will receive support on all foundations to prepare you as much as possible for your negotiation.


  • Negotiation: our teams are at your side from the beginning (preparation) to the end of a negotiation, while ensuring the preparation and development of the negotiation. At each step of the negotiation, you are assisted and debriefed.


  • The mandate: our teams will carry out the negotiation for you while respecting the established negotiation mandate.

Our operational support includes mental and psychological preparation, reinforcing leadership in difficult situations or restoring broken confidence after a trying episode.

All our support is custom-made and adapted to your needs.

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